Ningbo Meteorology

Disaster mitigation and public weather service

Broadening new sorts of service fields, in coorperation with 15 departments and 18 agencies nowadays.

  • The Yinzhou District Weather Station,The Center For Cities
  • The Zhenhai District Weather Station, The Center For Environment
  • The Fenghua Weather Station, The Center For Tourism
  • The Ninghai Weather Station, The Center For Marine Culture
  • The Beilun District Weather Station, The Center For Port Affairs
  • The Cixi Weather Station, The Center For Agriculture
  • The Yuyao Weather Station, The Center For Ecology
  • The Xiangshan Weather Station, The Center For Fishery

Initialized special weather service structure for agriculture、tourism、harbour、envirement 、city、Fishery、econogy、marine culture、

Issue geographical disaster warnings associated with the local land and resources, forestry and enviromental protection bureaus
  • Environmental protection—AQI forecasts
  • Maritime affairs—port forecasts
  • Forestry—fire danger index forecasts
  • Traffic—safety index forecasts for express ways
  • Land and resources—geographical disaster warnings
  • Agriculture—facility agricultural weather services
  • Tourism—tourism weather services
  • Marine fish culture—fishery weather forecasts
  • Agriculture and forestry—meteorological index forecasts for plant diseases and insect pests
Launch activies of meteorological popular science to help the public to enhance the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation
Various ways to issue
weather products
  • LED:3800
  • Weather TV programs:22
  • Weather websites: 10
  • Mobile phone subscribers: over 3.5 millions
  • The Tencent and Sina Micro blogging users: over 200,000
  • WeChat
  • The audio message telephone users: 12.5 millions
  • Disaster warning broadcasting
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