Ningbo Meteorology

Comprehensive monitoring network

Special Observations

Special observations on negative oxygen ions, solar radiation, CO2 content, soil m-oisture, seawater temperature and salinity and PM2.5 et al.

Co-construction And Sharing

Information sharing of 470 AWS with the departments of Water Resources, Environmental Protection and Port Affairs

Weather forecast service

Well-streamlined quantitative and detailed forecasting system from data monitoring, processing to weather product disseminating

  • Nowcasting provide hourly precipitation forecasts in lead time 3 hours on the Intranet, update every 10 mintues, grid resolution 1km.

  • 24 hours forecasts provide hourly precipitation,temperature,wind, visibility forecasts in lead time 24 hours on the Intranet, update every 3 hours, grid resolution 3km.

  • Short-term forecasts provide 3 hours interval precipitation, temperature, wind, visibility, weather situation forecasts within the next 72 hours, update every 6 hours.

  • probability forecasts of thunder and lighting 15 minutes interval thunder storm possibility forecasts within the city in 1hour lead.

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